I was born in Athens, Greece in 1983. I am a graduated civil engineer from the Technological Institution of Pireaus. For years I have been working in construction companies specializing in energy constructions and interior designing, through which I could always find a way to express my inner need for the aesthetic completion of each work.

From an early age I have displayed an interest for art and all things creative. The art of makeup came into my life in the most creative way; through my flair and urge to give certain forms and shapes to my feelings. Experimenting with different make up shadows and volumes enables me to highlight and bring out the perfection that exists within every person. My passion to produce flawless complexions and my attention to finite detail is what drives me and motivates me the most.

Trained by the the renowned make up artist Freddy Kalobratso at Athens leading makeup school Freddy Makeup Stage, helped me to be part of the new generation of fresh and innovative makeup artists.

After my graduation I have worked in various events and fashion shows. I am currently a freelance makeup artist working with photographers, stylists, hairdressers and models in different projects.Through a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, I seek to inspire the confidence and trust with those i work with.


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